10 Questions to Ask a Potential Web Developer

A new business website is a big deal. After all, it will be the online representation of your brand for the foreseeable future, and it is likely to represent a significant financial investment. You want to make sure that the web developer you hire will create something that is both incredible to look at and incredibly effective for your online marketing needs. And of course, you need your site to be completed on budget and on time. So how do you find the right web developer for your website? Here are 10 questions you should ask every potential web developer.


Web Developer Question 1: How many similar projects have you completed already?

When vetting a potential web developer, make sure they have experience to support their claims to excellence. Even more importantly, make sure your web developer has completed projects similar to yours. Choose a web developer who has the right experience in the right areas to help you create the right site for your needs.


Web Developer Question 2: What research do you complete before starting a project?

Your website should reflect your unique brand, offerings, solutions, and audience needs. But that can’t happen unless your web developer does their research ahead of time. Otherwise, you are likely to end up with a boring, cookie-cutter look. Look for a web developer who takes the time to familiarize themselves with your industry, audience, and brand before they jump in and begin designing.


Web Developer Question 3: How long will the project take to complete?

Every website project will have a different timeline. The important thing is that you know what that timeline is, and be able to depend upon your web developer to stick to it. Always ask your web developer how long they anticipate the project to take. And, check their portfolios and references to make sure that they reliably complete projects on deadline. Choose a web developer whom you can depend upon to finish your website on your schedule.


Web Developer Question 4: Who are some references I can contact?

Speaking of references, ask a potential web developer to speak to some of the people for whom they have completed projects. These references will give you information about how the web developer has performed in the past. Also ask to look at portfolios of the web developer’s completed work. The happier their clients are, and the more impressive their previous work is, the more likely they are to make a good choice for the development of your own website.


Web Developer Question 5: How much will the project cost?

Cost, of course, is at the forefront of many businesses’ minds. That is understandable, and it is why you must establish the cost of a project before you hire a web developer. Make sure you understand not just the base price of the project, but also the total cost, including any extra features (like hosting) you want to add. Just make sure that cost is not the only factor you consider: You want to find the the sweet spot of quality and affordability in a web developer.


Web Developer Question 6: How involved will I be in the project?

When it comes to website development, some companies want to be involved in every part of the project. Others prefer to only consult on major decisions. As a result, ask potential developers about how involved they expect you to be in the project, and share with them what your expectations are as well. Hire the web developer that shares your views on how involved you should be in the creation of your website.


Web Developer Question 7: Will I be able to own and edit the website myself?

While your web developer is the one who creates your website, you may want to retain control over the site yourself. For example, you may want to maintain control of content updates, access the backend, or retain your right to have another web developer work on the site. Make sure you ask your web developer what your rights will be after the website is in place, and choose a developer who offers you the freedom you need to run the site as you wish.


Web Developer Question 8: What other website services do you offer?

Website development is a great starting point for getting the online help you need for your business. However, you may need more. For example, you may want assistance with hosting services, custom applications, or other features. Make sure the web developer you hire can offer you incredible web development services and any other services you think you may need.


Web Developer Question 9: Will my website be mobile responsive?

Mobile responsiveness means having a website that can adapt itself to use on a mobile device. Critical to reaching audiences in a mobile age, and vital to search engine optimization, this feature is a must-have for your site. Make sure your web developer can create a site that is mobile responsive.


Web Developer Question 10: How much website support do you offer?

Once your website is up and running, you need to know how much support you will receive in the case of breakdowns or other issues. A web developer who offers ongoing support, and preferably 24/7 support can ensure that your site stays up and running throughout the year.


If you want reliable, experienced, customized, and incredible website development, do not hesitate to reach out to Sequential Tech. We are always happy to answer your questions, because we want you to know that your website project is in the right hands with us.