3 Reasons to Choose a Web Developer Who Does A/B Testing

When it comes to successful web design, beauty, of course, is essential. Usability is key. Clarity is of the essence. However, above everything else, web design has to be effective in meeting a company’s goals.


That is why choosing a web developer who can mesh your goals and your web design is critical. And, that is why finding a web developer who conducts A/B testing of your web design is important. Here is a look at A/B testing and why you should choose a web developer who uses it.


What is A/B testing?

A/B testing involves testing two elements to see which performs better. More specifically, it involves testing two variations of something with the same target audience at the same time.


For example, you may choose to test two calls to action (CTAs) for your website’s home page. You would give one CTA to half of the people who visit your home page, and the other to the other half of your site visitors. Whichever CTA earned the most click throughs or conversions would be the CTA you would use regularly on your home page.


A/B testing is critical to building a successful web design. Any web developer you hire should use A/B testing for the following reasons:


A/B testing allows the web developer to create a design that helps you reach your goals.

Before you begin a web development project, you need to set clear goals for that project. For example, do you want to increase sales of a certain product by 10 percent through your new product page? Do you want your new website to draw 30 percent more visitors? Do you want your registration form to increase sign ups by 25 percent?


Once you set those goals, your web developer should work with you to create a design that helps you reach those goals. However, the only way to know for sure that your site’s design elements are contributing to your goals better than alternative elements is to test them.


For example, say you want to maximize purchases of a certain product. A/B testing your calls yo action allows your web developer to pinpoint the CTA button that will be most effective in encouraging purchases. Without A/B testing, you don’t know for sure that your web design is the best possible look for meeting your goals


A/B testing maximizes the profits from your web design.

As a business, you naturally want to make a profit. Generating revenue from your website, then, is important. Because web design attracts and engages website visitors, web design contributes to the revenue you earn online.


A web developer who uses A/B testing maximizes the revenue-generating abilities of your website. How? By ensuring that the design elements they use are the ones that best encourage website visitors to buy.


For example, say you have two potential product images to put on a product page. Your web developer can find out which image generates more sales by A/B testing the two pictures. The one that results in more sales becomes the one that appears on your product page. Suddenly, your web design is maximizing your revenue.  


A/B testing provides hard data as opposed to personal preferences.

Everyone has their own personal style preferences, including preferences regarding web design. People can all develop their own favorite colors, graphics, styles, and more. They can even come to believe that certain design elements simply work better than others.


However, consumer preferences can often surprise even seasoned web developers, and personal preference isn’t always a good indicator of what will work well for your particular business and your particular target audience.


For example, say you prefer plain, crisp product images against a blank background. In your mind, these images compellingly show off the items you have for sale. What if your target audience, however, prefers images that show people enjoying your products? Your personal preference would lead to a less effective web design.


A/B testing eliminates this problem by providing hard data on which to base your design decisions. It would, for example, demonstrate that product images including people perform better than product images against a plain background. This hard data offers more certainty regarding the effectiveness of your web design.


A/B testing minimizes web design disagreements.

Finally, A/B testing can minimize disagreements over web design. For example, you and your web developer may disagree about a certain headline font. You and your boss may feel differently about the product images your web developer suggests.


Resolving these disagreements can be as simple as conducting A/B testing. Evaluating each option with hard data and using the option that performs the best is the most straightforward way to figure out a way forward without arguments or hard feelings.


A/B testing has many advantages for web design. It allows you to create a design that helps your website meet its goals. It maximizes the profits from your site. It provides hard data instead of preferences on which to base your design decisions. It minimizes web design disagreements.

Thanks to these many advantages, it is wise to hire a web developer who conducts A/B testing on their work. Here at Sequential Tech, we conduct A/B testing on our work in order to ensure that you end up with a thoughtful and beautiful web design that meets your business’ needs.