3 Reasons to Embrace Digital Marketing Today

If you own a business, you know that marketing is important. But, do you know the most effective way to promote your business? While print ads, radio ads, Yellow Pages listings, and other offline tactics used to be the gold standard for marketing, things have changed in recent years. Nowadays, businesses that want to be seen by potential customers need to get online. Called digital marketing, online marketing tactics can offer an effective way to reach more of your target audiences. But how and why is this the case? Here is a look at three great reasons to enthusiastically embrace digital marketing for your business.

Everyone is online (well, almost).

When choosing a radio station for ads, you pick the stations that your target audience likes to listen to. When placing print ads, you select the publications your target audience is most likely to read. You want to advertise where your target audience is.


Where they, and just about everybody else, is these days is online. Last year, 275 million people in the United States used the Internet. You can safely assume that, whatever your niche, your target audience is represented in that number. 


Not only are more and more people using the Internet, but they are using it more frequently. Since 2009, weekly Internet usage per person in the United States has risen from an average of 9.4 hours to 23.6 hours. That is the equivalent of one whole day a week devoted to the Internet. 


Clearly, if you want to make sure your business is seen by potential customers, it is time to get online. Otherwise, you risk being overlooked in favor of companies that people do encounter in their online explorations.

People expect to find businesses online.

People aren’t just going online for fun anymore. They recognize the power of a Google search and the convenience of getting their information from the Internet. As a result, they are increasingly turning to the Internet for information about products, services, and businesses. 


For example, about 88 percent of consumers turn to the Internet to research products and services in which they are interested before they make their purchase. Would you be willing to give up almost 9 out of 10 potential customers? That is the risk you run when you do not embrace digital marketing and get your products and services online. 


In addition, even customers who make in-store purchases often research those purchases before making them. Up to 82 percent of consumers who buy from a brick and mortar store look up those products on their smartphones before making the purchase. 


This means that not only do you need to make sure that your products and services show up online but that you also need to make sure that your digital marketing efforts are effective on mobile devices. They need information fast, and if you can put that information (and hopefully an appealing deal) in front of them, you stand a good chance of earning their trust, and their business. 


People also tend to trust businesses more if they can look those businesses up online. If they hear about you but can’t find information about you online, they are going to assume that you are outdated, unreliable, or simply too hard to learn about. There are plenty of other businesses online that they can quickly access so they have little motivation to put extra effort into finding out about you. 


People expect to find the information for their purchases online. If they don’t find yours, they are much, much less likely to buy from you. Digital marketing is the way to ensure that when they go looking online, they find you.

Everyone wants to save time and money.

Marketing, while essential, can get pricey fast. Everyone wants to save money where they can, so saving money without sacrificing visibility to your target audience is extremely valuable. This combination of affordability and visibility is even more important for small businesses that often face tight budgets. 


While more traditional forms of marketing tend to become expensive quickly, digital marketing is often a cost effective solution. For example, Google AdWords allows you to set daily and monthly budget limits for your ads and allows you to target very specific audiences. Plus, you only pay when people click on your ads. That means that you only pay for qualified leads who land on your website.


Other forms of digital marketing are likewise very cost effective. For example, much of social media marketing and search engine optimization is free. You only pay for the professional support you need to set up and implement these campaigns. 


Thanks to the low cost of entry that much of digital marketing offers, combined with the ability to reach large groups of people very quickly, digital marketing offers an appealing marketing solution for almost every business. 


The foundation of any digital marketing campaign is the website. This is where all of your digital marketing efforts will send people. It is where you house your content and educate people about your business. As a result, a website is the place to start with your digital marketing efforts.

If you need assistance creating a beautiful and effective website, or learning more about digital marketing, reach out to Sequential Tech. We offer the services you need to create an online presence that accurately and appealingly represents your business. That means that we are well-equipped to help you navigate digital marketing and the online world that businesses would now do well to embrace.