5 Reasons to Build a Small Business Website

Small businesses may not have the reach or the brand recognition of corporate customers, but they require an online presence to thrive just as much as those bigger players do. The problem is that they don’t always realize that fact. Faced with limited marketing budgets and time, and, to be honest, a sense of intimidation when it comes to throwing their hats in the ring with bigger businesses, they often choose to forego a website in favor of word of mouth marketing or outdated methods like Yellow Pages.


However, small business websites can actually be a powerful force for the good of the small business brand. If you need some convincing, here are 5 reasons to build a small business website for your company.

About 97 percent of people look online for local businesses.

Word of mouth might be great for getting people interested in your brand, but chances are they won’t step foot in your store until they have looked you up online. With 97 percent of people going online to look up local businesses before they shop, not having a small business website is a surefire way to lose just about all of your potential leads. Add to that the fact that 30 percent of consumers will not consider patronizing a business that does not have a website, and you can do the math to figure out how much money your business is losing by not having a small business website up and running.

A small business website allows your business to show up in the search results.

When people put search terms into search engines in order to find resources on topics in which they are interested, they will usually end up using one of the sites that appears on the first page of the results. That means that if they are looking for a business to patronize, they are likely to choose one that they see in the search results.


So what qualifies a business to show up in the search results? The very first thing they need to do is have a website. Search engines use the content of that site to determine how relevant your site is to users’ search terms and, therefore, where to place your site in the search results.

As a result, a small business website is imperative if your business is going to make an appearance in the search results. The quality of the web design, as well as the strategies you use to create content and promote your business website, will all play a role in where you end up in the rankings, but the first step has to be the creation of a small business website.


A small business website creates credibility for the business.

What is the underlying factor that leads to any purchase from a business? Trust. Unless the consumer trusts you to deliver the products and services you promise, when you promise, for the price you promise, without compromising your customer’s personal information and security, they will never buy from you. Building that kind of trust starts with a small business website. In fact, 75 percent of consumers admit to using a company’s website to determine their credibility. If you don’t have a website, customers are going to immediately question your integrity and professionalism. Want potential customers to trust your business enough to learn more? Then create a small business website capable of grabbing, and keeping, their attention.

A small business website provides a way to promote your brand.

Whether or not you have a small business website, people will be talking about your brand online. Review sites like Yelp, and social media sites like Facebook, for example, provide platforms where people feel free to share their thoughts and opinions on your brand. Unless you have a small business website, you will be at the mercy of others’ online discussions about your company.


In order to avoid having your brand, and brand reputation, established by others, you need a small business website. This platform gives you the opportunity to create and promote your brand the way that you want. You get to pick your messaging, create your priorities, and offer consumers the image you want them to have. That kind of brand development can allow you to control your image and reputation online and allow you to engage with, rather than be at the mercy of, what your customers and potential customers have to say about you.

A small business website gives you a platform for selling your products and services online.

As a small business, you probably do most of the selling of your products and services in your brick and mortar store. However, adding a small business website gives you a platform where you can sell your products and services online. In particular, you have the option of turning your small business website into an e-commerce store, where people can access your offerings online. Even if you choose not to sell your products online, you can always use your small business website to showcase your offerings, where consumers can view them before they stop by your store to finalize the purchase.


A small business website is a necessity in today’s digital age. However, not any website will meet your needs. You need a beautiful, branded, functional site that is developed with an eye toward marketing your brand effectively. And that means you need a web developer who understands the needs of a small business and can create the type of website that will help that business to thrive. To that end, do not hesitate to reach out to Sequential Tech, where we offer web development services to the little guy as well as the big guy in a way that is open, transparent, and skilled.