App Development 101: What Makes a Great Mobile App?

App development is a great way to add exposure for your business and make it easier for customers to interact with you on the go. When they can download and use a mobile app for your business, they are more likely to place orders, interact with your company, and return to your business instead of a competitor’s.


However, the key to earning this kind of customer loyalty is to create high quality apps that deliver genuine value. So when it comes to app development, what makes a great mobile app? Here are a few features that every successful mobile app possesses.


Successful app development includes an intuitive user interface.

How people interact with your mobile app is one of the main reasons they will either stay with your app or look for a competitor’s app. In fact, one study found that the user experience was the number one determining factor in whether or not people continued to use the app. Your app development has to include an easy, intuitive user interface that both looks good and performs well for the consumer.

So what makes a user interface intuitive? Here are a few qualities:


  • Simple


A mobile app should not be a copy of your website for a smaller screen. Instead, users need a simple interface that they can easily understand and use on the go. For example, getting people started on the app should take less than a minute, while navigation should be crystal clear and responsive as soon as the consumer opens the app.


  • Focused


App development should not include creating multiple uses for a single app. Instead, each mobile app should serve one or two main purposes that are clear to the user as soon as they open the app. All of your app development should focus on making the app serve those goals excellently.


  • Streamlined


Users do not want to be distracted when they enter a mobile app. Avoid clutter, such as unnecessary text or excessive graphics. Instead, streamline every element of the app to serve its main goals and assist users in quickly getting through the app.


Successful app development includes a stable and responsive app experience.

Stability is another key element in any great mobile app. Frequent crashes, for example, will quickly send users looking for another way to complete their business on their mobile devices (Hint: It won’t be with you). As a result, your app needs to consistently deliver a reliable experience for the user. Minimal downtime, for example, is an absolute necessity. Do not leave your users wondering if your app will open this time or give them another error message.


Part of stability in app development is responsiveness. For example, if your “View Account Activity” button freezes every time a user clicks on it, the only thing you will be building is frustration, not customer loyalty. Similarly, a stable mobile app will deliver a fast response time. No spinning hourglasses or lengthy pauses before the next feature of the app loads (and by lengthy, we mean anything longer than a couple of seconds. Mobile device users are impatient and quick to find somewhere else to do their business).


When you provide a stable experience, you communicate to users that your business is reliable, modern, and ready to engage with them. Make sure your app development reflects those qualities by delivering a stable and responsive app.


Successful app development includes a polished design.

You would never go to an interview with your hair unbrushed and wrinkles in your clothes. You want to present a polished appearance so your prospective employer can see that you take your job seriously and that you are competent for the position for which you are applying.


Your approach to app development should be similar: You are introducing yourself to many customers and prospective customers. As a result, your business needs to present itself in a polished way in order to communicate your professionalism and competence.


What goes into a polished app design? Primarily, a focus on the details. It is the difference between showing up to an interview with your shoes polished, cufflinks on, and hair freshly cut and showing up to an interview with slightly long hair, smudged shoes, and loose cuffs. Since the details matter so much, find someone who can do app development who has proven experience delivering sophisticated, detail-oriented results, where every feature, big and small, works together to deliver an exceptional experience to the user.


Successful app development focuses on the needs of the user.

Your business, if done right, is focused on specific audiences and their specific needs. Your mobile app should be no different. Before you engage in app development, make sure you know who it is for and what their needs are. Then, create an app that caters to them.


For example, does your audience need to make purchases quickly, on the go? Are they looking for entertainment? Do they need to keep up with the latest trends in your industry? Whatever their needs may be, delivering answers to those needs through your app is the key to creating a great way for them to stay engaged with your business on their mobile devices.

Great mobile apps don’t just appear out of nowhere. They are the product of careful app development that takes into account the audience and their needs and delivers what users need in a creative, polished, stable, and easy to use way. If you need help creating an incredible app for your business, do not hesitate to reach out to Sequential Tech. We know websites, and we know apps, and we can help you to create the look you need for a great app for your business.