Avoid Website Templates And Embrace Custom Web Design: Here Is Why

It’s time: You are finally going to create a website for your business. You are about to embark on an exciting adventure that has the potential to earn you some pretty sweet profits and a lot more brand recognition.


But first, you have to decide how to design your site. Do you choose a template, or a web developer who uses a template, or do you opt for a custom web design?


While templates are tempting because they are fast, easy, and cheap, they don’t bring much value to your online presence. Here are a few reasons to ditch templates in favor of a custom web design.


Templates may not save you money in the long run.

One of the biggest draws of templates, especially for small businesses, is their low cost. Faced with tight budgets, many businesses find templates to be an appealing option.


Unfortunately, templates may not save you money over a custom web design in the long run. While inexpensive up front, they also tend to consist of a lower quality design and a cookie cutter look that may discourage visitors from staying on your site.


As a result, a template may actually cost you money in the form of conversions and sales that never happen because your website failed to impress. Add up those lost sales over time, and you may find that you are losing more money than you would have spent if you had embraced a custom web design.


Templates tend to offer lower quality design.

When it comes to web design you get what you pay for. If you pay for a template, you receive a cookie cutter design that is often quite simple (in order to make it applicable to as many businesses as possible).


Simple design can be a good thing. Clarity and focus in a web page can help give your website a professional look. Unfortunately, templates often lack the quality that can make simplicity so appealing in a web design. They lack the attention to detail you need to make your web design shine. And, they often consist of subpar coming which can lead to frustrating and totally avoidable problems.


Custom web design on the other hand, delivers a high quality website for your needs. Your web developer pays attention to every detail and, because the site is made just for you, implements a look and features that are just right for your business.


Templates often lack uniqueness.

Your business is one of a kind. Customers choose your business because you stand out from the competition in some way. Your uniqueness is, in many ways, the bread and butter of your business.


Why allow a web developer to take that uniqueness away with the use of a template? Templates offer cookie cutter solutions that can leave your website looking like just one of the crowd.


A custom web design however, celebrates the qualities that make your business unique. That uniqueness coming through every detail of your web design translates into visitors who are fascinated and impressed with your brand.


Templates often do not belong to you.

Imagine outgrowing your current website and needing one that can handle increased traffic. Now imagine finding out that your current template does not belong to you. You cannot take it with you to your new web host or platform. You have to start over from scratch.


This is the situation many people find themselves in when they use a template instead of a custom web design. You need to own your website if you are going to change, grow, or develop it over time.


As a result, a custom web design is often a better choice. Being able to own and work with your site as it grows can ensure that you keep your SEO and online presence seamless no matter how big your business gets.


Templates often interfere with SEO.

Finally, templates often interfere with your ability to show up in the search results. Because templates do not provide uniqueness, and often do not make space for in depth content, they can make a bad impression on search engines. And that can mean that the search engine does not list you high up in the search results.


Custom web design, on the other hand, offers everything you need to impress the search engines. A custom design makes room for lots of in-depth content. It showcases your company’s brand values and personality.


As a result, it makes your website stand out to visitors and search engines alike. And that means your website is more likely to show up in the search results.


Custom web design offers a superior product when compared to templates. Templates can cost you money over the long run. They tend to offer a lower quality design, hide your company’s uniqueness, and ultimately not even belong to you. Using a template, therefore, may cost you sales and customers. It might send the wrong message about your business. You need something that reflects the uniqueness and appeal of your particular brand.

If you want to enjoy a custom web design for your site, reach out to Sequential Tech. We can help you create a beautiful, functional, and unique look within your budget so you can move away from templates and embrace the advantages of a custom design.