Beautiful Web Design: Product Pages

As an e-commerce business, your bread and butter is your ability to captivate your target audience with your online products. Because potential customers cannot view your products in person, your presentation of those items online must be as realistic and as appealing as possible.


When it comes to creating beautiful product pages that make customers want to purchase from you, there are a number of strategies you can use. Here are some of the secrets to beautiful product pages that you can expect your web developer at Sequential Tech to put to work for you.

Use beautiful product images.

The most important thing customers need from a product page is the ability to view the item they are thinking about buying. In a store, they would be able to see the product in person. Online, the images you provide have to recreate that experience for them.


As a result, you will need to go beyond presenting bland images against a neutral background and deliver gorgeous, compelling pictures that help customers see and want what you are selling.


What elements go into a beautiful product page? Consider these:


  • Unique Images


Are your product images unique to your business or are they from somewhere else? Your own professional images will make much more of an impression. Customers can tell the difference between original, creative images and those that are not.


  • Product-Focused Images


What is going on in the picture? Is the emphasis on the product, or is the visitor’s attention taken away by other elements of the photograph? Creating images that celebrate the product is the fastest way to catch people’s eye and hopefully, their business. Make sure your product is the star of all the images on your product pages.


  • Images of Product in Use


Visitors to your website may like to see your products in use. Try including images that demonstrate how to use the item. For example, don’t just offer an image of a shoe by itself. Show that sneaker in action on someone’s foot. Don’t just post a picture of a shirt by itself. Show potential customers how to pair it with a complete outfit for a memorable date night look. These types of images will be far more interesting to look at, and help customers envision themselves using the product.



  • High Quality Images


Create brilliant images by making them high quality. Beautiful, high-res, professional images will look much more appealing than amateur or blurry photos.

Include multiple images of each product.

No matter how beautiful an image is, a single image is unlikely to impress your website visitors. Because they cannot pick up your item and examine it closely, they way they would in a brick and mortar store, you need to give them access to multiple images of each of your products.


For example, if you are modeling a shirt, consider showing all sides of the shirt. Include a close-up of any special features or messaging. Provide images of the shirt in different colors. By providing multiple images for visitors to peruse, you allow them to fully understand what they are getting when they purchase your items.


In addition, consider including images that give visitors an idea of how large the item is, and how it can be used. For example, showing the item alongside another item can help people visualize its size. Showing the item in use can help visitors understand how the item might fit into their own lives.


Multiple images add beauty and usefulness to your product pages by giving you multiple opportunities to visually impress and inform about your product. The result will be a product page that visitors enjoy perusing and that encourages them to engage with your business by going ahead and buying the item that is so thoroughly and appealingly portrayed on your site.

Include detailed information about the products.

Customers are going to have lots of questions about your products. For example, they may want to know what sizes a shirt comes in, what colors they can pick from, whether they can customize the graphics on the shirt, whether you offer overnight shipping, and more. Answering these questions on your product pages can encourage customers to continue the buying process, rather than giving up part of the way through.


As a result, beautiful product pages should also be informative product pages. They should include as many details about the product as possible, from size options to shipping options. When your product pages beautifully represent all the pertinent information about your product, it encourages visitors to learn more about your options, and hopefully commit to a purchase.

Simplify and streamline your product pages.

While your product pages need to be informative, they don’t need a lot of design elements to be beautiful. In fact, simplicity is often key to achieving a beautiful product page for your website. In particular, you need to avoid a cluttered appearance that can be off putting to visitors. A cluttered web design is akin to a display table piled with unfolded shirts: No one wants to dig through the pile to find what they need.


Instead, your product page web design should be streamlined. Every design element should contribute toward the goal of informing and wowing your prospective customers. A skilled web designer can create a look that is beautifully designed and simply presented for maximum effect on your website visitors.

Your product page web design is important to the success of your e-commerce website. Create a beautiful look with compelling images, multiple images, detailed information, and a simple look. Better yet, allow Sequential Tech to create that look for you, with the experience and tools needed to create a web design that impresses.