Importance of Scalable Web Hosting

One of the most important qualities of successful web hosting is scalability. Scalability refers to the ability of your website to adapt to increased (or decreased) demands.


For example, a scalable website could handle the usage demands that would occur if visitors to a site increased from 500 to 1,000 people a day. Alternatively, it could handle a decrease of 500 visitors a day. Scalability allows your site to adjust to these types of changes without interruption.


Why is scalability in web hosting so important? Scalability allows for the efficient and uninterrupted functioning of your website. The right web hosting solution, therefore, reduces the amount of time, effort, and money you put toward keeping your website running, no matter how big or small it gets. Here are the main reasons web hosting scalability is a must-have.


Scalable web hosting is cost-effective.

Saving money is an important goal for many businesses looking to make ends meet and increase profitability. Getting the most value possible out of every expenditure is key to most companies’ financial success. If you want to achieve this type of cost-effectiveness in the field of web hosting, choose scalable web hosting.


Scalable web hosting is cost effective first because it ensures that you only pay for what you need. Say your website experiences seasonal ebbs and flows of site visitors. During times of light usage, you don’t want to pay for server space or other features you don’t need. Yet, you need more server space, etc., during times of high usage.


Scalable web hosting is the answer. During light usage times, your scalable web hosting solution uses less server space, while providing you with more space as your needs increase. As a result, at times of light usage, you do not pay for more than you are actually using.


Second, even when your needs increase, scalable web hosting is generally less expensive than building new solutions. After all, having your web host provide you with more server space will cost less than transferring your site to a brand new web host that has the space you need, or trying to build your own servers. Invest in a scalable web host in order to save money over the long term.


Scalable web hosting prevents lost business.

If your web host cannot scale up when your website needs increase, you are likely to experience downtime on your site.


Downtime caused by more visitors than your site can handle, or by the need to move your site to another web host, can be costly. People who try to access your site during downtimes are very likely never going to come back if they can’t get into your site the first time. Those visitors translate into lost sales, and possibly a hit to your brand reputation, too.


Scalable web hosting can help you avoid downtime by automatically increasing your site’s capabilities as needed, thus preventing expensive downtime.


Scalable web hosting allows you to handle traffic surges.

Growth is the goal of nearly every website. Watching visitors, and conversions, grow is both satisfying and profitable. That growth, however, also changes your website’s needs. When it occurs gradually, you have the opportunity to plan for and implement the changes you need to make to help your website handle the growth.


However, sometimes, you don’t have time to plan for growth, because it happens too quickly. This problem is most likely to occur if you have the good fortune of instant popularity. Thanks to a successful ad campaign, social media post, or surge in popularity of one of your products or services, your website experiences a surge of visitors.


At other times, surges in visitors might be seasonal. For example, a gardening store might experience visitor surges in the spring, while a florist might experience visitor surges around holidays or Valentine’s Day. While these are easier to plan for, they can still derail your website if you are unprepared to handle them.


Scalable web hosting can help you handle visitor surges like these. Instead of needing to find a new web host, and then transfer your site, you have the ability to handle extra visitors already built into your web hosting solution. As a result, you can embrace ad success, viral popularity, or seasonal changes with confidence.


Scalable web hosting is flexible.

Scalable web hosting is also a smart idea for your website because it is flexible. Not only does it allow you to enlarge your site’s capabilities when you experience growth, but it also enables you to cut back when necessary.


As discussed above, scalable web hosting allows you to handle seasonal ebbs and flows of business. However, it also enables you to handle times when your business might shrink.


For example, say you experience a dip in visitors to your floral shop website because a new competitor is in town. Perhaps a recession brings a long-term dip in customers. Regardless of the reason, being able to manage these dips by cutting back on your web hosting services (and the price you pay) is essential.


Scalable web hosting offers you a smart way to manage your website growth (or shrinkage). By offering a cost-effective solution, it can save you money. By preventing lost business and allowing you to handle traffic surges, and by offering a flexible solution, it allows you to preserve your money and business success.


If you are looking for a safe and reliable web host, reach out to Sequential Tech. We offer a variety of services that allow you to build, and host, a beautiful and effective website to fit your needs.