Looking for a Web Developer? Avoid These Red Flags.

Building a new website (or undergoing a website redesign) is an exciting time for your business. However, getting that website up and running can be a little more challenging than many people realize.

In particular, as a small business, you need a website that accurately and effectively represents your brand, without breaking the bank. And that means you need a reliable web developer, who is not only experienced but trustworthy. Too many companies have hired a web developer only to be left with a cheap site or an incomplete project.

So as you hunt for the perfect web developer, what are some red flags to avoid? Here are a few.

Red Flag 1: The web developer does not have their own modern website.

It makes sense that someone who is promising to create an incredible website for you should know how to build one for themselves. As a result, checking out a prospective web developer’s own website before you hire them is a good idea. You should find a site that is modern, speedy, seamless, and appealing. In short, it should be the kind of effective representation of their brand that they are promising to build for yours.

If their website is outdated, or sports broken links, slow load times, stock images, or other issues, you may want to reconsider hiring them for your own website. After all, if they cannot build an effective website for themselves, chances are that they will not do so for you.

Red Flag 2: The web developer lacks a portfolio.

Similar to having their own website to show off, a web developer should have a portfolio of finished projects to show you as you consider them for your website project. If they cannot produce several finished products that they are proud of, and explain to you what those projects were and why they are included in the portfolio, you need to consider that a serious red flag.

There are generally two reasons that a company will not have a robust portfolio to show you. First, they simply are not proud of the projects they have completed. If this is the case, you may be dealing with a web developer who is unlikely to complete the project or to put meaningful effort into creating a site that works for your business.

Second, the web developer may simply be very inexperienced and therefore not have completed enough projects to build a portfolio. If this is the case, you may still want to consider a company that has demonstrable expertise in creating effective websites. Otherwise, your business may end up suffering from their lack of experience.

Red Flag 3: The web developer lacks transparency.

When you are vetting a web developer, and later, working with them, you need to enjoy complete transparency from them. This transparency should include a willingness to answer all of your questions about their experience, portfolio, pricing, processes, policies, and strategy. It should also include transparency about all of the data they collect about your website. For example, you should always have access to your analytics and other website data so you can see how well your website project is performing.

Any web developer who balks at answering your questions or sharing information about your website project with you may not be entirely reliable or make the best partner for your business. This also holds true with their willingness to share bad news with you about your website. Nobody likes to see a project struggling, but the reality is that occasionally there will be issues. Avoiding them or sugar coating them is a clear red flag that your web developer does not have your company’s best interests at heart.

Red Flag 4: The web developer’s rates are really low.

Isn’t affordability a good quality in a web developer? The answer is, “It depends.” A company that can provide you with a quality website for a reasonable rate is absolutely a treasure that you should hang onto. However, businesses that are desperate to make a sale often bid much lower than competitors in order to win you over.

The downside to these low bids is that these companies may end up leaving you with a cheap, unprofessional site, a lack of ongoing support, or a site that you do not fully own yourself in order to deliver your project within the low bid they made.

As a result, consider bids that are significantly lower than the rest of the bids you are getting to be a red flag that might negatively impact the quality of your site, and make sure to combine a great price with a great reputation, portfolio, and reviews to ensure you are getting a reliable web developer to meet your needs.

Red Flag 5: The web developer does not tailor the project to your business.

Every business is unique. As a result, what every business needs in a website project will vary. Any reliable web developer will understand that these differences exist and work to develop a website project that is tailored to your particular business needs.

Any web developer who fails to show an interest in your particular company, who fails to ask questions about your needs before recommending a strategy, or who tries to impose a one-size-fits-all model on your project may not be the best choice of website partner.

Here at Sequential Tech, we want to do more than earn a few bucks. We want to help every one of our customers build something great through experienced support, creative problem-solving, affordable rates, and a tailored approach. If you want to learn more, do not hesitate to reach out today.