Tech Career Spotlight: Entrepreneurship

An autonomous tech career is often the right step for professionals who want to enjoy their work and strike a work/life balance that leaves them refreshed and excited about their careers over the long term. One of these career choices is entrepreneurship. 

Establishing your own tech business can be exciting.  It can also be scary. With the potential for great reward comes a degree of risk. For professionals longing for greater work/life balance and for control over their careers, this path can be a rewarding one. Here is a look at entrepreneurship and, in particular, the qualities you will need to succeed on this career path.

Entrepreneurship and Work/Life Balance

Entrepreneurship might not seem like the path to work/life balance. People who work for themselves are notorious for working long hours away from friends and family.

Hard work is a hallmark character trait of entrepreneurs. At least in the beginning, establishing your own business will require long hours. Being realistic about the need to invest heavily in your business is necessary if you are to thrive as an entrepreneur.

However, over the long term, entrepreneurship does offer the chance to build a life and career on your terms. Here are just a few of the work/life benefits successful entrepreneurship can offer you:

  • Ability to set your own hours
  • Ability to choose your own projects/work on ideas and products you are passionate about
  • Ability to integrate your own values into your business 
  • Ability to make a difference in your field

Successful entrepreneurship starts with preparation.

If successful entrepreneurship can lead to a better work/life balance, how do you ensure that success? While there is no way to guarantee success, there are steps you can take before you launch your tech business to improve your chances of sticking around long term. Consider taking these preparatory measures:


  • Develop a unique product or service.


Make sure you turn your idea into a tangible product or service that stands out in the marketplace.


  • Meet real needs among your target audience.


People will only choose your business if you solve a problem that they have. Make sure you offer real solutions to real problems.


  • Build a financial cushion.


Business won’t be steady right away. You may also need to invest significant sums of money to get your tech business up and running. Prepare now by lining up the financial resources you will need once you strike out on your own. 


  • Obtain the necessary education and certification.


Before you launch your tech business, think about whether there is any education or certifications that will better equip you for your endeavor. 


  • Build a marketing plan.


Finally, before you launch your tech entrepreneurship, take the time to build a marketing plan. For example, set up a website, invest in some Google Ads, and establish a social media presence. With a marketing foundation in place, you set yourself up to successfully promote your business from the start.

Successful entrepreneurship means accepting risk.

No matter how well you prepare for the launch of your tech business, you will shoulder risk when you start out on your own. This risk can be significant: At the end of the day, your business could fail.

Being able to face and accept that risk will give you the resiliency you need to handle the inevitable challenges of tech entrepreneurship. It is also impossible to launch your new business without an acceptance of risk: Any action that requires you to commit to your business also requires courage as you face the risks that come with those decisions.

Successful entrepreneurship requires letting go of (some) control.

If you want work/life balance in your tech entrepreneurship, you will have to avoid the pitfall of micromanaging. Trying to control every aspect of your business on your own will inevitably lead to constant work and eventual burnout. 

Instead, think about the tasks you need to accomplish that you can delegate or hire out. For example, can you hire someone to complete your website (We here at Sequential Tech would love to help) and launch a marketing campaign? Can you hire someone to manage leads for you? Can one of your employees take over your social media account? 

If you can delegate and hire out tasks to others, you can free up your time to focus on the parts of your business that can only run under your guidance. You can also focus on the parts of your business about which you are passionate. With more free time, and with more time to spend on enjoyable parts of your business, you can develop the work/life balance you desire.

Entrepreneurship in the tech field is possible, and exciting. It also gives you a valuable opportunity to achieve the work/life balance you desire. As an entrepreneur, you will have the chance to choose your own projects and set your own hours.

However, it will not always be easy. It will require sacrifice, risk, and hard work. With a commitment to the business, though, and some help along the way, a tech entrepreneurship can give you a tech career you love. Prepare well, get the education and support you need, and jump into a career that can be freeing and fun.