Web Design Must-Haves for a Customer-Friendly Site

When you decide to build a website, or redesign an existing one, you may be tempted to focus on the amazing graphics and new features that make the website sparkle. And well you should. The latest and greatest features can make your site stand out to visitors.


However, truly customer-friendly websites do more than just sparkle. They include elements that are practical, informative, and useful. If you want to combine form and fashion in your next web design, you have to have these website elements–and a web developer who can make them look beautiful as well.

Web Design Must-Have 1: Contact Information

Adding contact information to your website may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised by the number of companies who forget to add these few basic lines of information to their site. Contact information, by which we mean the most up to date ways to reach you, should be listed on every single page of your website.


In addition, you will need to make sure this information is easy to find. People usually look for it in the top left or right hand of the page, or at the bottom of the page. You will also want to include it in a “contact” section listed clearly on your navigation bar. The easier you are to contact, the more likely customers will be to reach out when they have a question, instead of just heading right over to the nearest competitor.

Web Design Must-Have 2: Relevant Content

When it comes to web design, content is king, and you need to give it the royal treatment it deserves. What you write about on your site, from the information on your homepage to the story on your About Us page to the articles in your blog to the product descriptions on your product pages, will either convince customers to stay and learn more or leave your site in favor of someone else.


As a result, you need to create content that is relevant and interesting to the people you want to reach. This type of content will include both a tone that visitors will respond to as well as information that is applicable to your visitors’ interests and needs. The better your content, the more attractive your site will be to the people you want to reach.

Web Design Must-Have 3: Customer Testimonials

Nowadays, customers are unlikely to simply trust your word when it comes to the reliability and quality of your business. Instead, in a world of social media and digital networking, people are much more likely to trust what their peers and other customers have to say about you. Make sure they know about the positive things satisfied customers have to say about your company by including customer testimonials and client badges on your website.


The customer testimonial section can take several forms depending upon your particular preferences and web design. However, the key is to make the good things people have to say about you obvious on your website. Hopefully, the recommendation of others will convince visitors to become your next set of satisfied customers.

Web Design Must-Have 4: Clear Navigation

People who land on your website and like what they see are going to want to explore further. As a result, your web design has to make it easy for them to find their way. Create a simple route through your website with clear, intuitive navigation. Elements such as a small number of navigation options from each page, drop down menus, and intuitively placed buttons can all create both an aesthetically-pleasing web design and a look that is simple to navigate.

Web Design Must-Have 5: Security Features

Chances are, you will be collecting personal data from visitors to your site. Whether you are making a sale, encouraging sign ups for an email list, soliciting donations, or more, this data collection means that your website has to be secure. While these security features may be largely invisible to your visitors (except for security badges, which help reassure visitors that you have their security in mind) these features are essential in protecting customers’ data and therefore your business reputation.


In addition, you will want to have a secure web host who can keep your website free from hacking and other data breaches. The right security, and the right web host, can ensure the safe operation of your site and the secure collection of the data you need to effectively interact with your customers.

Web Design Must-Have 6: Clear Calls to Action

You want website visitors to do something when they come to your site. Usually, this is purchasing a product, though other actions, such as signing up for an email list, may also be goals of your site. Regardless of what you want your customers to do, your web design should clearly list the action visitors should take on each page of the site. Calls to action that are clearly and appealingly placed and that are easy to understand can be effective means to encouraging visitors to do more than just look at your site.


The right web design is beautiful and functional. Make sure your next web design fulfills both of these requirements by including all of the web design must-haves, from contact information to clear calls to action. To help you include these must-haves within a beautiful design, enlist the services of a skilled web developer. Here at Sequential Tech, we offer the services, from design to web hosting, that you need to create a site that truly stands out.