What Makes A Marketing Site Stand Out?

With more than a billion websites on the Internet, making your marketing site stand out can be a challenge. Even if all you want to do is stand out against your competitors, you need a strong marketing plan and an incredible look to pull visitors away from businesses dealing in the same products and services. But what exactly makes a marketing site stand out? Here are a few elements that you need to get right if you want people to notice your business online.

An outstanding marketing site contains personalized graphics.

Your website visitors are smart: They can recognize stock photography from a mile away, and that is about how far they will stay from your site if the imagery is fake and bland. If you want your marketing site to stand out, you need to up your graphics game. In particular, you need the following types of images:

  • Images That Reflect Your Brand

If you are going to show an image of people on your site, make it an image of your employees or your customers. If you are going to show an image of a product, make sure that image is one of your products. Create graphics that clearly reflect your brand and your values so people instantly know who you are and what you stand for.

  • Images That Are Active and Engaging

Yeah, headshots are boring. And so are static images, grainy images, and predictable images. Avoid boredom and make your marketing site stand out by choosing images that are active and engaging. Those types of graphics will keep your visitors actively engaged with your website too.

  • Images That Are Unique

Whatever you do, avoid stock photos. Any images you choose should be unique to your business. Does this mean you need to hire a photographer? Maybe, or at least a great web developer who can source creative and original images to spice up your site.

An outstanding marketing site includes a clear path to engagement.

“User experience” is kind of a generic term. Everyone knows a great user experience is important on a marketing site, but what does that mean, exactly? At its most basic, great user experience means giving the user a way to interact with your website that is intuitive, easy, and satisfying.

On a more practical level, great user experience means creating a clear path to engagement for the user. For example, when they land on your marketing site, do they immediately see what to do next? Can they easily see a call to action (i.e. “Buy Now,” “Learn More,” etc.)? Can they find the navigation bar and search bar so they can look up your products and services or visit your About Us page? Is the design clean enough to help visitors find their way at a glance? That is the kind of clear path to engagement (i.e. great user experience) that will make your marketing site stand out from the competition.

An outstanding marketing site includes compelling content.

When a visitor first lands on your marketing site, they will see your images and layout first. However, they will quickly move past the graphics to engage with the content of your site. A great marketing site will stand out from the competition in large part because of the kind of content it provides your customers.

What makes for compelling content? A blog that is regularly populated with relevant and in-depth information on your industry. Detailed and engaging product descriptions that go beyond just a bland description of the product’s appearance and price. Calls to action that are specific and action-oriented. Material that embraces the values and personality of your brand (i.e. do not be predictable, and do not be boring).

Embrace content that is relevant, informative, branded, and engaging, and you will be well on your way to crafting a marketing site that stands out.

An outstanding marketing site includes amazing videos.

In an increasingly digital age, video is becoming an integral part of how many people want to receive information. That is why including video in your marketing site is an effective way to help it stand out from the competition. However, we aren’t talking cat videos from Facebook. What your marketing site needs are videos that are a lot like the content you put on your website: Compelling, relevant, informative, and definitely not boring.

This means, of course, that you need to stay on top of video production. Video testimonials from clients will age quickly if you only put them up once every six months. A video on how to use a new product will be irrelevant as soon as the product is obsolete. And addressing industry trends may become outdated if trends move quickly in your field.

Instead of putting up some videos and calling it good, you need a marketing site that boasts regularly updated, carefully crafted videos that will keep visitors coming back to learn more. That type of quality material will make your marketing site consistently stand out from the competition.

What do all of these qualities of an outstanding marketing site have in common?

Every single one of them requires the assistance of an outstanding web developer. In fact, bringing all of the pieces of a great marketing site together into one compelling whole takes some creativity and expertise. From navigation to images, from videos to content, every element of your website should work together to draw visitors in. If you want to learn about how Sequential Tech can help your marketing site stand out, reach out today. We want to help you build something great.